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IconX is a perfect E-Commerce solution provider in Tirunelveli,Tamilnadu,India. And we mainly focuses on Digital Commerce, Mobile Applications, Website Development,Bulk Messaging Services, Social Media Marketing too.

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IconX Technologies

Who we are? What we do?

We Complete Every Project With Extra Care As Customer Need

IconX Technologies is a Startup and Next Generation Technology based Company. This will help entrepreneurs to do business easily and conveniently. IconX Technologies have talented and entrepreneurial individuals who work in global class product and services. Here we offer E-Commerce Solutions, Mobile Billing Software, Website Designing and Development, Financial Payment Services and Digital Marketing Services too.

  • E-Commerce Services
  • Mobile Application
  • Website Development
  • Bulk SMS Services
  • Bulk Whatsapp Services
  • Digital Marketing Serivces
Vision & Mission

IconX Vision

Adapting the Entrepreneurs for the digitalization and make them systematic and reach Globally..

Vision & Value

Our Vision is to be a globally competitive firm in the digital Era.We focus on multiple streams to boost the Indian economy through E-Commerce, Appoinment Booking Applications, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Payment Gateway Integrations and much more to join.


At IconX we provide technology solutions for domestic business people, to reach their customers digitally. We make them more systematic and adaptive for the new and upcoming technologies. By these methods we make their business more strong and profitable in the Digital era.

Why Choose Us

Choose IconX

We are powerful and our platform is strong enough, we centralize the operations and we use various strategies and tools to solve many problems.

Safe Security

We always follow the Security Protocols-like Authentication,Encryption, Reverse Engineering.

Tech Solutions

We make your Business grow enormously because we are future Oriented Company.

Prio Service

What you expect from us, we will be beyond your expectation to satisfy your service.

Extra Care

We provide extra care to satisfy the Needs of the Client.Because you are our utmost Priority.

Our Innovations

Our Professionals Services For You

IconX offers the Opportunity to liverage from the strong domain and Technical Expertise of a highly experienced and well committed team.

E-Commerce Solution

We provide a complete E-Commerce solutions like Multi Vendor Admin Panels, Super Admin Panels, User Friendsly Mobile Applications to Customers order through the App, Tracking Facilities and other technical supports too.

Mobile Billing App

We made billing very simple and powerful. Through the Mobile App, Which includes Inventory Management, Sales, Purchases, Invoice, Estimates, Collection, Due List, P&L Reports, GST Reports and other Reports also.

Website Development

We Design & Develop a website according to our client requirements, which will attract customers by using of our UI & UX techniques. We can generate Leads or Enquries from our Wesite itself.

Bulk Messaging Services

Bulk Whatsapp & Bulk SMS is a basic need for a business people to verify, promote & market. We integrate Whatsapp & SMS services through Api which make everything automation.We use for verifying the user by One Time Password, Promotional Activities etc.

Digital Marketing Services

For a business, Marketing is a key factor to success. Now we are in a Digital Era, Digital Marketing is a Essential Services for any business People. We do Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube & LinkedIn Promotions. Digital Marketing Starts from just Rs 100/-

Don't Wait Buddy

We are almost ready to launch, Something awesome will launch soon. Stay Tuned for more updates. Make Appoinments very simple at your finger tips using of our Application. Which will make more accessable, informative and tracable also.

What We Offer

Our Proud Clients

As rise of global markets, brands,companies and its competitions, we startups needs to sustain in the market. so we strengthen ourselves by being an innovative and technically updated firm. so we are able to serve our customers in a best way..

Food Industry

  • Aruvi Bakery & Sweets
  • Hotel Sri Madhuram Veg Restaurant
  • king's Kitchen Multicuisine Restaurant
  • Food Engine Multicuisine Restaurant
  • Hotel Banu Birunthavan Veg Restaurant
  • Hotel Kasali Multicuisine Restaurant
  • Hotel N Square Multicuisine Restaurant

Finance Industry

  • Vivash Finance
  • Sakunthala Chit Funds
  • Royan Commerical Corparation
  • Vishvamidhran Finance
  • Sabari Thendral Chits Pvt Ltd

Other Industry

  • Osprey Shipping Pvt Ltd
  • Ocean Generation Shipping Pvt Ltd
  • Luxuria Apartments Pvt Ltd
  • Tuneto Study Center Pvt Ltd
  • New Fast Cart Pvt Ltd
  • Charm Plastic Surgery
  • Ethic Trading India Pvt Ltd
  • GTR Wind Engineering Pvt Ltd

Wholesale Dealers

  • Moon Diamond Bag Works
  • Bismi Rexine House
  • Anand Wholesale Vegetable Vendor
  • Tirumala Electricals
  • APS Engineering LLP
  • Gio Aqua RO Water Purifier
  • Opticalscart.com

A Perfect E-Commerce Solutions..

Our E-Commerce will make your Business grow easily and more profitable. We Ramp up your customers service. Make your Brand more familiar.

  • Hassle-Free working model
  • Make your Business more Profitable

Awesome Prototyping Tool for UI/UX.

We Concentrate more on Desgining because which will attract the customers to use or buy the thing. With an attractive UI, you can build a loyal customer base for your business.

  • Make your brand more Familiar and Unique.
  • Being more Professional.

Finding/Identifying your Target Audiance.

Identifying a Target Audiance is not a easy job. But, we provide you through Digital Marketing Tools

  • We use Perks to attract Customers.
  • Provide you various Marketing Strategies to Build your customer base.


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